vinyl - what you need to know
What you need to consider when planning window graphics

At Glyphics we have been creating window graphics for many years and our team of experts have been helping customers with all kinds of projects to make more creative and efficient use of their windows and doors. And we can do it for you too.

Before you start your own window graphic project, we suggest you ask yourself a few questions so that you can better refine what you want to achieve. If you have answers to these questions, it will also help us ensure we provide you with the vinyl graphics that best suit your objectives.




Answer these questions before ordering vinyl

1. Should I have graphics on the outside or inside of the glass?

That might depend on whether your window has a 'colour tint'.
Putting a film on the inside to see from the other side will change the colour of your image so, if you are very specific about the colours you want to display the alternative might be to actually put the vinyl graphic on the outer side of the glass.

We suggest that you check whether your glass is 'clear'; most glass is, but SOME windows have a subtle coloured tint like grey or brown or have had another film applied so you may hardly know it is there until you find scratches on it.

Most people want to have their vinyl graphics put on the 'inside' of the window because they worry about somebody damaging them. Of course they could be but normally they are left alone. When deciding it is important to remember that vinyl graphics or lettering applied on the outside of the window look better as the colours are brighter. Additionally, glass normally has a natural colour of bluish-green that will look clear but may change the colours of your vinyl graphics if applied on the inside of the window.

Cleaning the windows with your graphics on, whether you use a professional window cleaner or clean them yourself, will not affect them providing you are reasonably careful as vinyl is waterproof and weatherproof.


2. What is the best colour for my vinyl lettering?

This really depends on what you want to achieve with the lettering and how much impact you are looking for. However, please consider that unlike paper, black doesn't always look the best on glass on its own. If you look at glass at a distance it tends to look dark, not clear. If you pass a window at some time that has black vinyl lettering on it, you’ll see that it is not always the best colour unless the window is very white inside.

3. Should I use a matt or gloss vinyl film?

Vinyl fims generally come in a matt or gloss finish. However there is no point in specifying a matt colour and putting it on the inside of a window. When you view it from the front it will appear glossy because the glass itself is shiny.

4. When should I consider using transparent or translucent vinyl films?

Remember we have colours that are transparent or translucent which give great effects and provide an interesting edge to the graphic. After all, you are trying to create a memorable window for anyone to admire.

5. I have some existing vinyl graphics already in place on my window, what do I need to do?

You should really have a go at removing it yourself and clean the glass and if this is not possible, please let us know in advance so that we know this is a job to do before we install your new vinyl graphics.


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