The clean lines, glossy surfaces and light reflecting qualities of glass signs make them top choice for points of entry and high visibility areas. They catch the eye in various forms, from office directories to hotel reception plaques to room name plates, and in our experience, particularly as members boards for heritage institutions.

In fact, our most requested glass signs are for barristers' boards for chambers, and in order to cater to this demand, we've set up a dedicated Q&A in our FAQs section below. With that said, no matter what function you have in mind for your signage, we'll craft a product that is customised for your context, precisely meeting your brief with glass signs in any shape, size, or finish.

A long outdoor glass plaque installed at the entrance of an office.
Glyphics studio with a display of vintage letters and Ampersands
Black vinyl with silver trim Ampersand
A long outdoor glass plaque installed at the entrance of an office.
Glyphics studio with a display of vintage letters and Ampersands
Black vinyl with silver trim Ampersand
A long outdoor glass plaque installed at the entrance of an office.
Glyphics studio with a display of vintage letters and Ampersands
Black vinyl with silver trim Ampersand
A long outdoor glass plaque installed at the entrance of an office.
Glyphics studio with a display of vintage letters and Ampersands
Black vinyl with silver trim Ampersand

Fast to make and easy to install, glass has proven to be the perfect architectural material for business signage at Glyphics, allowing us to instil your space with contemporary minimalism or a refined corporate aesthetic in next to no time.  


Here are the design specs you'll need to consider:

  • Transparency - go for 'crystal clear' known in the industry as low ion, or 'clear float' which has a slight jade tint 

  • Rendering - choose a traditional silky finish, or achieve a frosted appearance with vinyl film or by having your panels sandblasted / acid etched for something more opaque

  • Thickness - the usual depth is 6mm though we can do anywhere from 4mm to 19mm 

  • Edging -  our standard is a slightly bevelled edge that’s polished to avoid sharp corners for safety’s sake, though we offer different degrees of bevelling for more ornate, tactile bordering

  • Logo/lettering - pick from laser etched, vinyl print on reverse or cut vinyl on the face, 3D acrylic or metal branding, and last but not least hand painted with or without 23 ct gilding. 

  • Installation - put your sign up with holes and screws for a flush fit or stand-offs for a raised finish, which come in the standard satin aluminium, or mirror finish gold or silver, as well as brushed silver 

For a cost-effective alternative, we do offer acrylic as an option, but for a premium feel, glass offers weighty integrity, scratch-resistance and scintillating sophistication.



What types of glass can be used for glass panel signs?

We can use "crystal clear" which has low ion content, making it more transparent and tint-free, or the other type we offer is "clear float" glass, which has a slight jade tint, adding a subtle hue to your sign. Our signs can be laminated, frosted and etched into. Each option has its unique features and benefits, and our team can help you choose the right type for your project.

Why choose glass signs over acrylic signs?

Glass offers a premium feel with its weighty integrity, scratch-resistance and scintillating sophistication. While we do offer acrylic signs as a cost-effective alternative, glass is the ideal choice for those looking for a high-end, high-quality sign.

Can I customise the finish of my glass sign?

Yes. You can choose a traditional silky finish or opt for a frosted appearance by using vinyl film or by having your panels sandblasted or acid-etched for a more opaque look.

What is the standard thickness of glass signs?

The usual depth is 6mm, but we can also create signs with a thickness ranging from 4mm to 19mm.

What is the standard edging on a glass sign?

Our standard edging is a slightly bevelled edge that is polished to avoid sharp corners for safety. However, we can offer different degrees of bevelling for a more ornate, tactile bordering.

How can I display my logo or lettering on my glass sign?

You can choose from various options such as laser etching, vinyl print on reverse, cut vinyl on the face, 3D acrylic or metal branding, and hand-painting with or without 23 carat gilding.

Can glass panel signs be illuminated?

Yes, depending on your preferences and the design of your sign, we can add LED lighting to your glass panel signs to make them more visible in low-light conditions or at night. 

What are the installation options for glass signs?

You can install your sign with holes and screws for a flush fit or use stand-offs for a raised finish. We offer stand-offs in standard satin aluminium, mirror finish gold or silver, as well as brushed silver.

Are glass signs safe and suitable for the outdoors?

Yes, we can create glass panel signs that are suitable for outdoor installation. We use materials and techniques that make the signs weather-resistant and durable, such as UV-resistant ink, high-quality vinyl films, and sturdy mounting hardware.

All glass can break if dropped, however we source low iron toughened glass from trusted suppliers which tends to resist shattering into sharp shards and instead breaks into small blunt pieces, making it the safer option in sign making. It also transmits less heat so is suitable for being left outside exposed to the elements. 

Can glass panel signs be used for privacy?

As long as the glass panel sign is large enough for your intended use, it can be made to achieve whatever the desired level of privacy or partitioning is through frosting, acid-etching or the application of opaque vinyl films. 

If you’re looking for signage to fit out a fixed pane of glass, check out our glass manifestations

How long does it take to create a custom glass panel sign?

The time it takes to create a custom glass panel sign depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the design, the materials and methods used, and the installation requirements. Our team can give you an estimated timeframe for your project based on these factors. Typically, we aim to complete projects within 2-3 weeks, but this can vary based on the scope of the project.

Members Boards

What are members boards?

Members boards are signs in the form of plaques or directories that display the names of individuals or groups to recognise affiliations - they are often found in schools, universities and sports clubs amongst others. 

If a board is listing names to celebrate their achievements, it's called an honours board, such as those often seen at church entrances. These tend to be made from wood.

Our most frequently requested glass panel signage of this type is for financial quarters and legal chambers - also known as barristers boards, which are a specialised type of members board used especially in legal settings such as courtrooms and law offices. They take on a similar list format, featuring information such as the names and qualifications of barristers or lawyers, along with the chambers or law firm they are associated with. 

You can of course use glass signage for whatever purpose you like, be it to present your logo outside your office or even within a wayfinding scheme - contact us for more information.

How do you make and mount glass boards?

We’ll usually build a rectangular plaque made from low iron toughened glass that’s ultra clear for legibility, with the information applied to the reverse or the front of the panel in opaque or frosted vinyl lettering, depending on the desired effect. 

The sign hangs vertically from stand off spacer fixings - these tend to be in a satin finish for a high end aesthetic, and make life incredibly easy when information needs to be updated as they are very easy to remove and reinstall. 

We can also illuminate glass barristers boards to enhance visibility in dimly lit environments, and often have clients requesting backlit chambers signs to lend a more modern look to this classic sign. 

Will you update my sign?

Currently we supply updates to clients if they need to change information on their members boards upon request.

The way in which we do this and the speed varies depending on the type of sign, the mounting method and mostly, on the lettering you have opted for e.g vinyl is a lot quicker to swap out than hand painted words.

When you contact us, we'll consider all the details and agree the best way forward. We archive your file for at least 3 years from the date of your order, so we will be able to pull up your design when you get in touch - if you contact us after that time, just fill us in on the details and we will still be able to match the finish.

What are the benefits of using glass panels and vinyl lettering for members boards such as chambers signs?

Glass signage does have a very similar look to clear acrylic, aside from a slightly green-blue tint, which can be avoided by using low iron toughened glass like we do at Glyphics. Generally we find our clients love glass for being a more eco friendly material that exudes a classic quality due to its weightier feel. 

While lettering can be laser inscribed or sandblasted, there is a preference for presenting information in vinyl as it allows us to easily update the particulars of the firm or chambers if there are ever changes to members in the future. 

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