AccuRx approached Glyphics with a brief for building a new visual identity for their new offices. Without a designer of their own on board at the time, and with a complete blank canvas to kit out, the company looked to us to first conceptualise branding elements using their established business guidelines before building any signage. 

We relish the incubation period of a project - researching, visualising, drafting, and positioning artwork is an  opportunity for structured playfulness. In this instance, the scope included exploring the manifestation design for internal glazing, developing basic wayfinding principles throughout, and supplying graphic details and typographic layouts for meeting room door signage, with a possibility of eventually adding room numbers too. 

Concepts included organic form signage and signs themed around people who’ve made a positive impact upon modern medicine, to symbolise AccuRx’s ties with the public healthcare industry - though we didn’t move forward with all of our initial ideas, they were well received, and we got the go ahead to expand our proposal. 

We’d be rebranding an open plan office with an already rich colour palette and exposed bricks, and saw an opportunity to use our signage to pare back the busy interior design  with low key yet contemporary elements. Our approach was to keep sign compositions sophisticated, soften the overall aesthetic with neutral tones, and freshen things up by incorporating signature shapes from the AccuRx brand language into our signage.


After our earlier meetings and having seen the floor plans, we dug into what is our daily bread first - crafting glass manifestation and wayfinding signage that blends seamlessly into the space while moving people effectively through it. 

For the intramural window manifestations, we repurposed the AccuRx logomark into a subtle repeat pattern, cutting the letter C out from semi-opaque white vinyl before arranging it symmetrically - highlighting any glass surfaces with an identifiable yet understated icon. 

Moving on, the cut vinyl lettering and raised acrylic lettering for wayfinding signage were designed with legibility in mind - utilising a sans serif type with medium density tracking in a white colourway, creating high contrast words against warm brick facades and painted doors. Our attentive installers managed to successfully recreate our digital blueprints with their real world implementation, achieving extremely uniform line spacing to produce neat spatial forms that stand out just the right amount. 

The meeting room identifiers were central to the rebrand. Our original proposal was a square shaped metal panel for each suite, overlaid with a unique vinyl print of a notable person who has contributed to the science or practice of medicine. They would be represented either by a photograph of their face or a pictorial line drawing, along with their name. As the process went on, the client took the lead and evolved the idea themselves, merging both the photo realistic and minimalist options, to land upon a graphic illustration. They expanded the copy to include a larger biographical description of each historical figure, and so naturally the signs shapeshifted into long vertical plates. 

It’s a pleasure to work with people that share our design ethos, and together we attained a professional finish. We were quickly able to produce samples to their taste and the final metal signs were custom-made with a matt finish, giving them a solid, smart quality.

What began as an abstract design project, manifested as a holistic rebrand for AccuRx as a business. We created custom safety signs for their glass manifestation, implemented a navigational language to give them their own bespoke wayfinding system, and brought their brand to life with a theme of impactful motifs that were made-to-order. We’re currently fleshing out what form any external signage will take, and for the future, AccuRx plan to standardise our scheme across their various buildings.

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